Specialty Fuses- Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Specialty Fuses

When you need fuses Standard Radio is the answer. In today’s high technology products, space and reliability are very important. We stock specialty fuses that meet these requirements.  

Here are some miniature and subminiature series we stock and can supply to you.  


Pico Fuses

These are subminiature axial leaded (some series offer radial leads) that are available in fast acting and slo-blo versions.

Littelfuse 251 Pico II fuses very fast acting 125 volt rating up to 15 amps

Also available in Mil spec FM10A (order 253 series)

Bussmann offers Microton series MCRW as an equal.

Littelfuse 275   Pico fuses very fast acting with high current rating 20- 30 amps 32 volt ratings

Available in Mil spec FM04A (order 277 series)

Littelfuse 265 Pico fuses very fast acting with insulating sleeve (high reliability)

Available in mil spec FM08A (order 267 series)

Radial leads offered in 266 series

Littelfuse 263 Pico II fuses very fast acting rated at 250 volts up to 5 amps 

Littelfuse 473 Pico II slo-blo for time delay applications 125 voltage ratings up to 7 amps

Applications include: LCD monitors, power supply, and network, industrial and medical equipment


Micro Fuses

Littelfuse   272/273/274/278/279 series   very fast acting Micro fuses were developed for the U.S Space Program. 

Rated at 125 volt with a range from 2 milliamps to 5 amps

These are offered with short 273 and long lead 279 (clear plastic caps)

Series 272 and 278 are available with metal caps.

To order military grade version FM02 use   274 series

Littlefuse 262/268/269 series are high reliability Micro fuses with gold plated leads and gold plated cap.

To order military grade version FM07 use  269 series

QPL’d for use in extreme conditions in spacecrafts and military applications.

Use 281/556/557 series fuse holders either horizontal or vertical mount

We have over 1,000,000 fuses in stock including over 100,000 Micro fuses.

Remember we are an authorized distributor for Bussmann, Littelfuse, and Optifuse.  We can stock the values you need to avoid lead times.

Please call with your fuse and fuse holder requirements to receive the service and pricing you deserve.

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