Optifuse- Tuesday, August 19, 2014

OptiFuse manufactures high quality fuses, fuseholders, fuseclips, fuse blocks, circuit breakers, resettable fuses and accessories. Optifuse products are ideal for off-road and automotive applications, security, commercial, medical, audio and industrial applications. All OptiFuse products are RoHS compliant and, for the most part, recognized by UL and/or other international safety organizations.

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Littelfuse- Thursday, May 8, 2014

R&J COMPONENTS 130,000 square feet of warehouse is home to one of the largest inventories of fuses and fuse holders; including one of the world’s leading manufacturers, LITTELFUSE.

LITTELFUSE began manufacturing in 1927 with a focus on protecting applications from the harm caused by short circuits, power surges, electrostatic discharge, lightning, electrical load switching and other electrically-harmful occurrences. LITTELFUSES’s broad and deep portfolio of circuit protection products can be found in consumer electronics, automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment. In fact, LITTELFUSE products can also be found in marine applications, distribution centers for mining operations, solar, telecom and many military applications.

LITTLEFUSE offers several classes (or types) of fuses. These classes include:

Industrial Power and UL Fuses:

Class L Fuses, Class RK5 Fuses, Class RK1 Fuses, Class J Fuses, Class CC Fuses, Class T Fuses, Midget 10x38mm Fuses, Class G Fuses, Class K5 Fuses, Class H Fuses

Automotive Passenger Car Fuses:

Blade Fuses, Cartridge Fuses, PAL Fuses, Bolt Down Fuses, Advanced Power System Fuses,  Cable Fuses

Axial/Radial Through Hole Fuses:

3.5x10mm Fuses, 2AG 5x15mm Fuses, 5x20mm Fuses,5x25mm Fuses, 6x25mm Fuses, 3AB 6.3x32mm Fuses, 3AG 6.3x32mm Fuses, Micro TR3 Fuses, PICO Fuses, Microwave Fuses, TE5 Fuses, TR5 Fuses, TE7 Fuses, Ballast Fuses, Barrier Network Fuses, Hazardous Area Type Fuses

Cartridge Fuses:

2AG 5x15mm Fuses, 3AB 6.3x32mm Fuses, 3AG 6.3x32mm Fuses, 3.6x10mm Fuses, 5x20mm Fuses, 5x25mm Fuses, 6x25mm Fuses, Barrier Network Fuses, Midget 10x38mm Fuses

Surface Mount Fuses:

FLAT PAK Fuses, NANO 2 Fuses, Thin Film Chip Fuses,

Specialty Power Fuses:

Solar Fuses, Semiconductor Fuses, Telecommunications Fuses, TVSS Fuses, NH Fuses, French Cylindrical Fuses, Inline Fuses, Lift Truck Fuses, Telecom Alarm Indicating Fuses, Cable Limiter Fuses, Plug Fuses

Medium Voltage Fuses:

E-Rated, R-Rated, Potential Transformer

Military/High Reliability Fuses:

253 Series, 262 Series, 265 Series, 266 Series, 267 Series, 268 Series, 269 Series, 277 Series, 592 Series, 592 S Series, 593 Series, 593 S Series, 594 Series, 594 S Series

When ordering Military Fuses, it is important to understand which MIL-PRF Code correlates with which series. To gain a better understanding, see below:


Series F09A, Series F09B


Series F60C


Series FM02A


Series FM07A


Series FM10A


Series FM04A


Series FM08A


Series FHN20G


Series FHN26G2


Series FHN26W


Series FHN55W

Always remember to ask for the appropriate fuse holder when ordering your fuses. With over 16 million fuses and nearly 1 million fuse holders in stock, make R&J Components your source for LITTELFUSE.

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Littelfuse - DMSMS Discontinued Parts- Friday, April 25, 2014
0327005.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 5A X1-D-14-0493
0327010.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 10A X1-D-14-0493
0327015.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 15A X1-D-14-0493
0327020.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 FUSE,INCLOSED X1-D-14-0493
0327025.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 25A X1-D-14-0493
0327030.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 30A X1-D-14-0493
032707.5ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 7.5A X1-D-14-0493
0337005.PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 5A X1-D-14-0493
0337010.PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 10A X1-D-14-0493
0337015.PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 15A X1-D-14-0493
033707.5PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 7.5A X1-D-14-0493
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Littelfuse Fuse Products Traditional Part Numbering System- Thursday, April 24, 2014

Product Series Code

Example: 437 series fuse is “0437”

Ampere Rating Code

Decimal is to far right for whole number amp ratings, to far left for ratings less than one, and within center for fractional amp ratings.

Examples: 10A fuse is “010.” 1/4A or 0.25A fuse is “.250” 1 1/2A or 1.5A fuse is   “01.5” 1 1/4A or 1.25A fuse is “1.25”

Packaging Type *   

A Ammo packed B Bubble packed C Chip packed R Reeled X Filler

Packaging Quantity Code *

A/X 1 V 5 T 10 S 20 L 50 H 100 F 200 G 250 U 500 M 1000 D 1500 P 2000 E 2500 W 3000 Y 4000 N 5000 K 10000 J 12000 Z Misc.

Options Codes *

RT1 Reel and Tape, 2.062in (52.4mm) lead spacing RT2 Reel and Tape, 2.50 in (63.5mm) lead spacing RT3 Reel and Tape, 2.874 in (73mm) lead spacing E Pigtail lead type fuse ID Indicating fuse L RoHS compliant P Lead-free

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Littelfuse SPF Solar Protection Fuse series- Thursday, April 24, 2014

The SPF Solar Protection Fuse series has been specifically designed for the protection of photovoltaic (PV) systems. This series of Midget style fuses (10 x 38 mm) can safely protect PV modules and conductors from reverseovercurrent conditions.  As PV systems have grown in size, so have the corresponding voltage requirements. This increase in system voltage has typically been intended to minimize power loss associated with long conductor runs. Standard circuit protection devices are not designed to completely protect photovoltaic panels. However, the SPF series is UL Listed to safely interrupt faulted circuits up to this demanding voltage level.


  • Meets UL, IEC and VDE photovoltaic standards
  • UL 2579 Listed 1000 Vdc maximum
  • 1-30 A ratings available
  • 20,000 A Interrupting Rating
  • Both PCB mount and dead-front holder options available


  • Inverters
  • Combiner boxes
  • Battery charge controllers

Recommended Fuse Holders

  • Littelfuse LPHV POWR-Safe Series
  • Littelfuse LFPHV POWR-Safe Indicating Series
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