Mallory Sonalert- Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When your application requires audible alarm devices, contact R&J Components - your source for Mallory Sonalert. Mallory Sonalert manufactures high performance audible alarm devices such as; transducers, indicators and sirens. With an extensive product offering, Mallory Sonalert products are being utilized in industrial, consumer, transportation, medical and military markets.

Mallory Sonalert offers a wide variety of sounds to fit your applications needs. The various sounds include:

            Continuous                              Slow Pulse                               Medium Pulse

            Fast Pulse                                 Double Pulse – Fast                 Double Pulse – Slow

            Dual Tone – Fast                     Dual Tone – Slow                    Chime Tones

            Warble Tones                          Chirp (Quick Pulse)                 Clicking Sound

            Slow Speed Up Pulser              Fast Speed Up Pulser               Siren Sounds

            Telephone Ringer                    Crosswalk – Cuckoo                Crosswalk – Chirp


*Mallory Sonalert also offers Multi-Tone Alarms that are capable of producing 3 or more alarm sounds in a single package.


Mallory Sonalert designs audible devices that can be panel mounted, surface mounted or bracket mounted. Popular sizes range from 22mm to 30mm. Most recently, Mallory Sonalert has engineered a New Miniature Buzzer Series called the MSE Series.


The MSE Series Buzzers are 23 mm wide, 13.5 mm high and are available in 15 different sounds. The MSE Series provides two operating voltage ranges, 7-14 VDC and 16-28 VDC; as well as Loud (85-95 dB) and Medium (75-85 DB) sound levels. The MSE Series Buzzers are well suited for applications within the following industries: transportation, medical equipment, industrial controls, material handling, water treatment and restaurant equipment.


For price and delivery on the MSE Series Buzzers and all Mallory Sonalert products, contact R&J Components.

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