PEC – RV Style Potentiometers- Friday, September 27, 2013

Precision Electronics Corporation (PEC) manufactures high-quality industrial and military potentiometers. PEC is able to custom-tailor electrical and physical characteristics to meet your needs without sacrificing quality. For this reason; PEC potentiometers can be found in aerospace, telecommunications and industrial applications. Moreover, PEC products have appeared on the US Government’s Qualified Products List for the past 30 years.

PEC offers several different series of RV style potentiometers. Each PEC RV style potentiometer is manufactured from a hot molded carbon element, comes with a stainless steel shaft and meets or exceeds MIL-R-94. For applications that require a low profile potentiometer, PEC offers their Mil Style RV5. For applications that require a rugged potentiometer, you can choose PEC’s Mil Style RV8. Finally, if high reliability in a compact size is required, PEC offers their Mil Style RV6.