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Black Box Networks- Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Black Box Network services corporation is essentially divided into two parts: Black Box Solutions and Black Box Products. Black Box Solutions consists of network services that Black Box Corporation offers. These services include IT services, transformation services, sunset services, global rollouts, and IT asset management. These solutions can be applied to maximize technology efficiency and minimize risks of security breaches in environments like conference rooms, classrooms, contact centers, control rooms, and data centers. They assess challenges in numerous business environments and provide solutions. The other half of their corporation, Black Box Products, consists of electrical/technological products and components which we carry at R&J Components. These products run along the lines of…

  • Cabinets and Racks
  • Cables
  • Carts and Storage
  • Control Systems
  • Cooling Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Jacks, Panels & Hardware
  • KVM
  • Networking
  • Video and Multimedia


Copper Patch: Black Box offers 3-Series CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A Premium lockable patch cables which come equipped with up to three levels of security. The cable can have no pin, designated as “protected” for everyday network connections. The next level up is the green secure locking pin which holds the cable in place and can be released simply by squeezing the pin. The highest level is the red locking pin which requires a removal tool to remove the cable to prevent unauthorized access.

Cabling is an important part of any network. When choosing the right cable, you have to consider factors like cost, mobility, and convergence. These cables come in numerous standards, such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, and CAT7a. “Standards establish technical criteria and ensure uniformity and compatibility in and between networks” –Black Box Product Guide. The CAT5e and CAT6A patch cables are noted to be good for general purpose network connections. The CAT6 series are ideal for preventing accidental disconnects, which is good for industrial, manufacturing, and mission-critical environments.

Fiber: They also offer fiber patch cables which offer a greater bandwidth than standard copper cables, higher security and low attenuation. Black Box even offers them in bulk with no minimum length, so you can order them cut-to-length. Their fiber patch cables come in different types consisting of Economy, Multicolored, Pre-Terminated, Premium, and Black Box Connect.

Other cables include copper bulk, audio/video cables for your AV and multimedia, coax & twinax cables for security systems, computer and data cables, fiber bulk/patch/pigtails/trunk, serial cables, modular/telephone for telephone connections, USB, and speciality cables.

KVM:  A KVM switch, (KVM, short for keyboard, video, and mouse) allows one to control one or more CPU’s or servers with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. KVM can be used in video control rooms for broadcasting, retail, manufacturing, law enforcement and various other industries that require multiple screens

Black Box offers 2-, 4-, and 8-port KVM switches for desktop KVM  use. This gives a user access to multiple systems while still providing HD video, creating a unified desktop system across multiple monitors.

They also offer IP enabled KVM switches for KVM applications on remote servers over a LAN.

Their air force approved secure KVM line offers 2- and 4- port KVM switches to maximize safety between secure and non-secure networks.

Black Box’s server room/enterprise KVM switches are used for control of remote servers for both local and remote users.

Black Box additionally offers KVM matrix switching, specialty KVM, virtual desktop computing, KVM trays, extenders, cables, and accessories.  

Networking gear: Black Box’s inventory of networking gear helps to develop and expand networks.

Media Converters: These allow you to connect different types of media such as a twister pair, fiber, or coax within one network. It lets a user extend their Ethernet network past the 100-meter limit. They can be commercial grade, industrial, managed, or 10-Gigabit.

Console Servers: Console Servers give a network manager a single, centralized access point to remotely oversee, operate, and troubleshoot IT infrastructure. They ensure maximum uptime, ranging anywhere from 2- to 48- ports. 

Extenders: With an Ethernet extender, you can expand your network beyond the 100-meter limit. This is used to establish networks that are physically separated, such as those across a campus, across a town, or across a building. They’re commonly utilized in commercial and industrial environments, as well as for general wireless applications. Black Box offers extenders over coax, over UTP, over T1, over Ethernet, and more. 

Ethernet Switches: Black Box offers small office/home office, industrial, and commercial/office grade Ethernet switches. The commercial/home office and industrial grade have a wide variety of port options, while the small office/home office grade’s compact size saves space.

Legacy Technologies: Black Box sells legacy technology devices to keep legacy networks functioning smoothly.

PoE:  PoE, or Power over Ethernet, carries data and power over one Ethernet cable. It’s convenient because it powers devices that aren’t near a power outlet or are in a hard to reach area. PoE’s are easy to use and save devices from power failures. You can use extenders, midspan injectors, repeaters, splitters, and switches, all of which are offered by Black Box. 

Video & Multimedia:

Adapters: They offer a remote composite adapter which can be paired with splitter modules to broadcast to more video sources. They offer a VGA DDC Ghost to ensure trouble-free VGA video connections in digital signage systems. They have a Mini DisplayPort Male to VGA Female Adapter to convert video signals from Mini DisplayPort to VGA format, as well as an HDMI Male-DVI-D Female Adapter to convert between HDMI cables/ports to DVI. Their USB 2.0 video adapter allows you to take live digital video from an analog camera, while their DVI-D EDID and HDMI EDID ghosts optimizes video output on any display. 

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CIT Relay & Switch; L115F2 Series Latching Relay- Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CIT Relay & Switch L115F2 Latching Relays

CIT Relay & Switch now offering the L115F2 Series latching relay. This newest addition to the CIT relay family is ideal for energy smart applications. The UL/cUL approved L115F2 is a single coil power relay that can withstand heavy contact load with strong shock and vibration resistance. It is UL F class rated standard.
Specifications: Contact arrangements are 1A, 1B and 1C with contact ratings of 30A, 40A and 50A @ 277VAC. Contact resistance is less than 50 milliohms; contact material is AgSnO2 or AgSnO2In2O3. Tested electrical life of the L115F2 Series is 50k cycles with mechanical life of 1M cycles. The dielectric strength is 2500Vrms minimum coil to contact and 1500Vrms minimum contact to contact. Insulation resistance is 1000 W minimum at 500VDC. Shock resistance is 200m/s2 for 11 ms and vibration resistance is 1.5mm double amplitude 10~40Hz. Operating temperature is -55°C to 125°C. Solderability is 270°C for 5s. Weight is 28g or 20g no cover.
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CIT Relay & Switch Presents Snap Action Microswitches- Wednesday, September 23, 2015
CIT Relay & Switch Presents Snap Action Microswitches
Available in two sizes, the CIT Relay & Switch Snap Action Microswitches present a choice of SPST OR SPDT circuit. These UL/cUL recognized switches offer highly reliable function and excellent switching precision. Several mounting and actuator options prove suitable for many different applications. Contact CIT Relay & Switch today to determine which series works for your design needs!
VM3 Group
VM3 Series
Common applications for the VM3 Series snap action microswitches include leveling and safety switces in elevators, vending machines and door detection. They are ideal for use in security, medical, process controls, business machines, HVAC, material handling, vending, gaming, circuit breakers and household appliances. 

SM3 Group
SM3 Series
Small in size, common applications for the SM3 Series snap action microswitches include leveling and safety switches in elevators, vending machines and door detection. The SM3 Series is ideal for use in security, medical, process controls, business machines, HVAC, material handling, vending, gaming, circuit breakers and household appliances.
New Voltage Rating Results for the HelaGuard HG-SW Non-Metallic Conduit- Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HellermannTyton's HelaGuard Standard Weight nylon corrugated Conduit (HG-SW) received a 600V rating performance, a certification few corrugated conduit suppliers can make. For information on the complete line of HelaGuard protection systems, visit:

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Flir's Launch of the New MR160!- Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Flir's Launch of the New MR160!
FLIR's new MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is the first of its kind. It features Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) Technology that helps you quickly scan and target moisture issues. Equipped with a built-in thermal camera, you can review images and generate reports with FREE Flir tools software. The MR160 comes with FLIR's 2-10 warranty, 2 year full product warranty and 10 year detector warranty.

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Neutrik's New EtherCON Cat 6a Family!- Monday, August 31, 2015
With Neutrik's release of their new etherCON Cat 6a line, they now have three distinct etherCON lines to offer:
  • Cat 5. The original etherCON, available in a wide variety of cable carriers and chassis connectors.
  • Cat 6. This is a specialized product line consisting of:
         * one punchdown chassis connector in either nickel or black finish (NE8FDY-C6*),
         * one cable carrier that includes a shielded RJ45 (NE8MC6-MO), and
            various pre-terminated, STP cable options (NKE6S*).
  • Cat 6a. A new line of punchdown and feedthrough chassis connectors, plus a cable carrier that includes a shielded Cat 6a RJ45. 
    Click here to view the new etherCON Cat 6a line. 
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Updates to Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1 Product Line- Monday, August 31, 2015
Alpha Wire has made some changes to their Xtra-Guard 1 High- Performance PVC cable family to make the product even better! The updates include additional UL approvals and a wider operating temperature range. 
The following improvements have been made:
  •          Added UL Sun Res
  •          Added 60oC Oil (Oil Res I)
  •     Extended lower temperature range on the 300V Xtra-Guard 1, it now goes          down to -35oC

  •          Added IEC Flame ratings: IEC 60332-1 & -2
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SE Relay’s/Magnecraft’s 861H Solid State Relay – An Industry First!- Thursday, August 27, 2015

861H is the first complete solid state relay approved for use in hazardous locations. The 861H incorporates an integrated heat sink and sealing technology to achieve the Class 1, Division 2 rating from Underwriters Laboratories for approved use in Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Features:
    • Class 1, Division 2 certification
    • Solid state circuitry
    • Optically coupled circuit
    • Internal snubber
    • Finger-safe terminals
  • Benefits:
    • Approves relay for use in hazardous locations
    • Involves no moving parts
    • Provides electrical isolation between input and output circuits
    • Protects relay’s output circuit from high voltage transients
    • Prevents operator from touching live circuits

Selling Opportunities:

The 861H SSR Series is ideal for applications that demand reliability such as burner assemblies, chemical injections systems, extraction and refining

machines, solenoid control, blower control, motorized duct and vent control, medical equipment and lighting. The 861H fills a critical void in the mining, oil and gas industries that require high reliable switching solutions. 


  • Oil and Gas: burner assemblies, chemical injection systems, extraction machines
  • Mining: blower control, motorized duct/vent control, drill control, explosive control
  • Food & Beverage: anti-condensation equipment, compressor control, cooking equip.
  • Medical Equipment: high reliability, lifts & escalators, low switching noise
  • Packaging Machinery: conveyor motors, heaters, product/shrink wrap, solenoid control


The closest competitor is Phoenix’s PLC series, which has a different form and does not go up to 15A.

Magnecraft’s 725 power relays - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Magnecraft’s 725 power relays offer high-capacity switching with high dielectric voltage resistance capabilities. The RoHS compliant 725 Relay easily handles the demands of high-current applications at loads that rival the competition. 

725 Relay Features & Benefits:

  • High contact ratings (up to 30 AMP, 3 HP)- suitable for high-powered switching
  • applications
  • 4000V dielectric strength (coil to contacts) – withstands severe voltage surges
  • and spikes
  • Multiple mounting options – fits a variety of applications
  • Full-feature cover option (plug-in socket mount) – simplifies and expedites
  • installation and testing
  • Complete system solution – socket, retention clip and protection modules are
  • available for customized deployment (plug-In models)
  • Finger-safe screw terminals (relay & socket) – increases safety in work
  • environment
  • RoHS compliant – satisfies import requirements

Applications and Selling Opportunities:

  • Automation Panels: process controls, motor control, emergency lighting
  • HVAC & Refrigeration: anti-condensation equipment, compressor control, blower
  • control, motorized duct/vent control
  • Lighting Control: traffic signal systems, motorway information systems, theatrical
  • lighting, ballast lighting
  • Packaging Machinery: conveyor motors, food processors, product/shrink wrap,
  • solenoid control
  • Power Supplies: universal power supplies, battery back-up systems
  • Food & Beverage: anti-condensation equipment, compressors, commercial/industrial
  • cooking equipment, filtration equipment
  • Appliances: air conditioners, water heaters, portable heaters, spa controls, water pumps


Omron (G7L Series)

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